About Me

Travel is my Therapy.

I'm Alicia. I enjoy photography, adventures, chasing sunsets, animals and learning about and seeing new places. My interests have led me to a passion for traveling both domestically and internationally. Whether it is standing at the top of Table Mountain in South Africa, hovering fourteen thousand feet above sea level at Humanity Lake in Peru or swinging high above the rice fields in Bali, I never feel more grounded than when I am gazing out at the beauty of our natural world. It is my belief that no matter your taste, budget, or interest, traveling the world provides a unique opportunity to let go of everyday stresses, push outside of your comfort zone, learn about new cultures, and grow as a person. My latest goal is to leverage my seventeen years of experience in the travel industry and over twenty years of international travel to help others fill up their passports with destinations that will bring them the same joys that I have found through travel. I have a wide range of travel experience: Nature, beach destinations, Adventure, history and culture, and even experienced some of the wonders of the world. 

 Experiencing nature is a great way to detach from everyday responsibilities and decrease stress. Far away from the noise, pollution and congestion of citylife, I experienced the Northern Lights and a natural ice cave in Iceland. These experiences left me feeling in awe of these natural wonders and truly speechless. At home, I can barely make out the north star, but in Iceland the beauty of the night sky was breathtaking and so peaceful. I felt similar amazement and relaxation from floating in the dead sea in Jordan. To lay in the water without effort was both calming and energizing. While we try to manage daily stress with activities like yoga and meditation apps, nothing surpasses the rewards of leaving your everyday surroundings to immerse yourself in the natural wonders that exist. 

 My travels have provided me with a love for numerous experiences, and a profound passion for engaging animals such as baby lion cubs, or swimming with turtles, fish, dolphins and even stingrays. From whale watching, feeding alligators, bathing elephants and talking with parrots, I love learning about animals through vivid travel experiences. Some people may fear animals, but the more you experience them beyond the discovery channel, you realize they seek love and attention just like us. My encounter with cubs in South Africa was amazing, all they wanted to do was play and be pampered. Out there in the Lion Sanctuary, it felt like the magical world of the Lion King Musical had come to life and I was there with Nyla and Simba by my side.

I love a good thrill, although I no longer have the desire to go on roller coasters, when I’m away I get the courage to do things that I would not be able to do at home such as snowmobile on a glacier, paraglide over the mountains, sand surf in the desert, horseback riding in the ocean and ATV off road. In addition to the immediate jolt of exhilaration, I walk away from each of these adventures with lifelong memories, exciting stories to share and amazing pictures!

Some trips have been about experiencing history and culture such as trips to the Petra, The Great Pyramid of Giza, Machu Piccu, and Robben’s Island. History was never my favorite subject in school, however experiencing it up close has heightened my interest and taught me so much more than what I have read. It’s amazing to me and while many of our houses in the states cannot withstand a hurricane, structures in Petra and even the great Pyramids have been standing for 4,600 years. Just shows how advanced and smart people were during those eras. By hopping on a flight, my boring reads have turned into 3D live action movies!

Over the years, I have traveled to five of the seven continents and while the purpose for my travel has varied, each trip has left a lasting impression on my life. My seventeen years of professional experience has allowed me to cultivate expertise in travel trends, pricing, and has given me a deep understanding of demand, particularly as it relates to people and their experiences. I have a Masters in Business with a concentration in Finance which has prepared me for my new business journey. I think the diversity of my first hand experiences traveling the world, the depth of my professional knowledge of the travel industry and my passion for travel make me uniquely qualified to assist you in crafting the vacation of your dreams. Please contact me to help plan a unique travel experience customized for you and your loved ones.